Technical Engineering Administrative Management Support (TEAMS) BPA

The Washington Headquarters Services, Acquisition Directorate is the Single Enterprise Contracting Office (SECO) for the Office of the Secretary of Defense. The SECO purchases over 1.3 billion in products and services annually. The largest category of services purchased for SECO customers is knowledge-based services (KBS). KBS accounts for $973 million (approximately 75%) of the total funds obligated by the SECO. In FY14 approximately $361 million of those knowledge-based services were acquired as commercial services.


It is the WHS objective to both utilize a single commercial multiple award vehicle to manage the majority of its commercial KBS purchases over the next five years, and to implement a commercial professional services BPA that implements the business model articulated in FAR 1.102-2. Its attributes are as follows:

  • Satisfies the customer in terms of cost, quality, and timeliness while minimizing administrative operating costs and fulfills public policy objectives
  • Provides the best value to the agency as it will balance the many competing interests (competition, small business, quality, and fair and reasonable pricing)
  • Results in a system which works better and cost less


Redhorse and our team members (the Redhorse Team) offers world-class engineering, technology and management consulting solutions to support OSD. We have recent, relevant experience satisfying the Knowledge-Based Services requirements of OSD, including OUSD(I), AT&L, ASD(R&E) and subordinate agency, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Our current DoD projects embody “hard problems”. The Redhorse Team supports the Secretary’s Quadrennial Defense Review focus on Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities by conducting data-driven studies of DoD ISR systems effectiveness to inform resourcing, allocation and employment decisions. We help engineer those same systems to survive harsh environments and hostile enemies. The Redhorse team also supports DoD cyber capabilities development; from supporting Defense Science Board studies of cyber defense risk planning, to engineering groundbreaking new computer chips for DARPA. We help speed capabilities to the warfighter though our support to ASD(R&E) Rapid Response Technologies Office and help to engineer future defenses against biological threats such as Ebola for OUSD(AT&L).

Team Members

Redhorse Corporation

TS Facility

Contractual POC: Bernadine Holmes,, (619) 241-4609 Ext 816

Technical POC: Vincent Bridgeman,, (202) 236-4407

Tauri Group

TS Facility w/ Secret Storage

Contractual POC: Sara Racette,, (571) 303-2153

Technical POC: Mark Malatesta,, (703) 647-2745


TS Facility

Contractual POC: Raymond McIlwain,, (571) 814-5703

Technical POC: Andrew Weis, (571) 814-5726 & Christopher Kenly, (571) 814-5702,


TS Facility w/ Secret Storage

Contractual POC: Scott Stahl,, (937) 256-8571

Technical POC: Charles Rossi,, (937) 256-8571


TS Facility w/ SCIF

Contractual POC: David Nolan,, (720) 395-2385

Technical POC: Jason Prow,, (202) 441-1737

The Government Client Contracting Officer

Solicitation Name: Technical Analytical Engineering Management Support (TEAMS) Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA)

Solicitation Number: HQ0034-15-R-0054

Name: Washington Headquarters Services

Address: 2521 South Clark Street, Suite 1210, Arlington, VA 22202

POC: Mr. Christopher E. Harris, (703) 545-3573