DOE NNSA Enterprise Wide Technical, Engineering, and Programmatic Support Services BPA

This Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) provides enterprise wide technical, programmatic, and engineering support services to Department of Energy (DOE) National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA). NNSA is responsible for enhancing global security through nuclear deterrence, nonproliferation, counterterrorism, naval nuclear propulsion, and national leadership in science, technology, and engineering. The BPA is a strategic sourcing effort and support services are available agency-wide, including organizational units within DOE and NNSA.

  • Awarding Agency: DOE National Nuclear Security Administration
  • Contract Number: DE-NA0000901
  • Capability: $300 million
  • Period of Performance: 07/09/2015 to 10/31/2017


Scope Areas:

  • Program Management Support
  • Nuclear Engineering Subject Matter Expertise and Analytical Support
  • Training Support
  • Security Management Support
  • Weapons Data Access System (WDACS) Programmatic Support
  • Emergency Operations (Domestic/International) Support
  • Aviation Operations Support
  • Nuclear Nonproliferation
  • Environmental Management