Secretary of Defense, Congressional Activities Support

Redhorse provides technical and legal analysis and legislative process expertise to facilitate and enhance the effective and efficient flow of information related to the interaction between DoD and Congress on Defense Intelligence matters.

Redhorse also provides assistance in collecting, reviewing, assessing, and disseminating Congressional information, correspondence, and other documentation. We support the development, coordination, and tracking of reports, correspondence, and activities responding to Congress, DoD preparations for Congressional hearings, staff reviews, Government Accounting Office (GAO) audits, and other Congressional activities. We help maintain expert knowledge of the processes, standards, and services related to Congressional activities, using that knowledge to provide advice, guidance, and training, and to recommend improvements. Redhorse supports effective coordination and communications with the Defense Agencies and Intelligence Community regarding congressional matters related to systems, programs, architectures, issues, and initiatives. Our staff works closely with senior leadership to support their information requirements as it relates to Congressional inquiries and communications.