Natural Resources Support Services, Fort Irwin

Fort Irwin consists of approximately 755,000 acres in the Mojave Desert and is home to six known flora/fauna and threatened, endangered or sensitive (TES) species, including the Lane Mountain Milkvetch, Desert Tortoise, Mojave Fringe Toed Lizard, Desert Cymopterus, Burrowing Owls, and the Mojave Ground Squirrel. Fort Irwin operates an active natural resources program that works cooperatively with federal, state, local, academic and private agencies and other organizations to ensure compliance with environmental requirements.

Redhorse supported the implementation of the Fort Irwin Integrated Natural Resource Management Plan, including (1) developing, collecting, reporting, and sharing data; (2) database and GIS data creation, maintenance, and management; and (3) providing natural resources management services. Activities included conducting literature searches; conducting project surveys and preparing reports; providing construction or project monitoring; climate data collection and preparing reports; conducting natural resource surveys and preparing reports; conducting spring/seep monitoring and establishing spring and seep baseline conditions; and promoting environmental awareness through outreach and education. Our team helped to develop and implement monitoring plans, including conducting macro- and micro-ecology surveys by wildlife, plant, wetland, and aquatic biologists and collecting plant, water and sediment samples for testing and analysis.

Redhorse provided specialized staffing support to develop and maintain natural resources, climate databases, and GIS data to support Environmental Division resource impact assessments, planning, and management. This included assisting Fort Irwin with the development of geospatial and non-spatial data, resource mapping, metadata, data management, documentation, development of standards, and quality assurance/quality control. Redhorse provided onsite analysts to work with Fort Irwin managers and staff to help define and employ standards, naming conventions, and long-term data management goals that fully comply with DoD guidance and policies.