Department of Treasury

The United States Department of Treasury requested contractor assistance with ensuring that proposed projects under the Capital Magnet Fund (CMF) and Bond Guarantee Programs satisfy all necessary environmental obligations and related documentation under National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). To assist the Treasury with this task, Redhorse developed a systematic approach to understand and determine if a given proposal met all the requirements laid forth within NEPA.

During this process, Redhorse reviewed the Treasury’s guiding documents, and then arranged an orderly approach to revamp their procedure to ensure that all NEPA guidelines are followed. To accomplish the needed tasks, Redhorse was responsible for the guidance and training of Treasury personal to ensure the comprehension of NEPA. Once the caveats of NEPA were understood by the Treasury individuals, Redhorse then developed a systematic approach for the Treasury to use while reviewing multiple proposals. The created system is still in use today. While completing the needed tasks, Redhorse Corporation demonstrated the depth and breadth of our working knowledge of NEPA.